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Many anabolic steroids were made to be the best muscle gainers giving fast muscle, strength and stamina incrase with the least amount of side effects. If we ask the experts and the general public dianabol still holds the title, it is without a doubt the steroid pill most used throughout the world. UK, eastern Europe, USA, Russia, Australia, Africa, methandrosteonolone is manufactured and used throughout the world, it also has the biggest number of brand names from Naposim in Romania, Nerobol in Bulgaria, Akrihkin in Russia, Anabol in Thailand and Bionabol also from Bulgaria, there are of course many others, we just mentioned those with the best reputation and widest following. One of the reasons for it's popularity is the fact that it is an oral, so no need for painful injections, accessories that are some times hard to find and no need for specialized medical personel to give you the injection in a correct way. You just take the pills and flush them down your throat with some water and you are ready to go. It is belived that the bodybuilders from the 70's and 80's even ate them with their cereal giving the name breakfast of champions a new meaning. Methandrostenolone is packed in small round pills of 5 miligrams or 10 miligrams, the tabs can be broken in two equal pieces with ease using the index finger and thumb, so the dosage is easily adjustable without the use of pill cutters. From all the brands mentioned before naposim and anabol seem to be the most sought after and cherrished. Anabol coming from thailand is a five sided tablet a pentagon of strong pink colour and naposim or napos as they are also called by the bodybuilding community is a round white pill. Between the two it is hard to determine which one is better. Naposim is regarded as being the more potent of the two while anabol is less harsh on your body with less side effects, less bloat and similar. Some also use clomid and nolvadex when on them to prevent the downgrade of natural testosterone production and prevent estrogen related side effects. Available in 5 miligram tablets in push through strips of 10 pills or plastic tubs of 1000 tabs of 5 or even 10 mg. This oral steroid was originally developed back in 1956 by Dr. John Ziegler and CIBA Laboratories.

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The active ingredient in Dianabol is methandrostenolone. Probably the most used, widespread and available steroid in tablet form. It affects the testis natural testosterone production, pituary gland as well as the hypotalamus, but it is very (second only to anadrol) effective. Dbol works great on its own and even better when used with highly anabolic injectable usually trenbolone, buy primobolan, a form of testosterone and/or nandrolone. It is the SOLE culprit for many of the classic bodybuilding physiques from Sergio Olivia to Arnold Shwarzenegger. Dbol binds weakly to the androgenic receptors, therefore it is a class 2 steroid and most of it's effects come through non androgenic receptor induced changes. Dianabol aromatizes for this reason many use letrozole, arimidex, tamoxifene or clomiphene to succesfully monitor the side effects. Because Anabol is a fast acting steroid with a short half life when used on it's own usually consumed in dosages of around fifty mgs daily. Doses less than that are not near as effective and doses over that generally don't add to its efficiency regarding muscle volume, muscle density, strength or recouperation times. Arguably the best time for Dianabol ingestion used to be early morning, due to this fact dbol was dubbed "the breakfast of champions" as a side note methandrostenolone was the favorite steroid of classic bodybuilders: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Mike Metzger and others, some only used this one pill. More recent use is usually ten mgs five times daily due to its short half life of around five hours. It is not suitable for woman use due to virilization, especially since there are other better alternatives available. Dianabol is the most popular anabolic steroid, that can be rivaled only by Deca. It's popularity has probably got a lot to do with its convenient availability in pill form while deca durabolin is only available in injectable form. Dianabol pills are usually taken with meals to prevent stomach upset and guarantee maximal result.

There were thousands of anabolic steroids synthesized, but few reached commercial production. At first scientists looked to animal testicles for a source of hormones in an attempt to secrete the male hormone testosterone. There were huge quantities needed and only a small amount made. Soon the scientists took up synthetic production of testosterone from chemicals. One of the first steroids made was chemical testosterone other testosterone injections soon followed. Anabolic steroid pills were soon added to the list of discoveries. At first performance enhancement was what scientists were after, Olympic and World championships were to be won and East German and Russian teams were the first to benefit from extreme efficiency of the best anabolic steroids pills. The USA Olympic team was soon following with dianabol pills, an anabolic steroid pill that was developed exclusively for them. They were as effective as testosterone and oral turinabol that the Russians and East Germans were using. They soon became aware of the steroid related side effects too. Especially in women, the female athletes from Russia and East Germany started developing male characteristics. Enhanced muscularity, facial hair, deep voice were just a few of them. Most anabolic steroids are more suitable for men than for woman. Due to the fact that they are similar in action to the primary buy male hormone testosterone in online pharmacy. At first they learned with the trial and error. They gave the athlete a starting dosage and observed the consequences. They found out that the best anabolic steroids ever works is with nutritious diet and training. Lifting weights gave the best results, the use soon spread to other sports. It became the most effective in bodybuilding where best anabolic steroids are used to grow freaky big muscles. Then they found out which steroids work best for fat loss, loosing fat is the other important aspect of bodybuilding. The steroid induced muscles don't show if they are covered with layers of fat. Again a correct diet is used along with anabolic steroids to get results a cut body.

Up until the eighties dianabol was all bodybuilders ever used. They experimented with training up into the extremes, when some suggested one should only train one bodypart once every ten days and live the rest for recouperation. The less is more strategy did not prove particularly successful, at least not for the majority. Some trained what we now know is too much, that didn't work either. They experimented with nutrition high carbs hi protein, no fat or low to no carbohydrates high protein and high fat, no fat, no carbohydrates and just high protein. All sorts of combinations of the above mentioned. In the early days however they did not experiment with steroids too much, naposim was the golden standard that everybody followed, no one even upped the dose much in the early days. Not at the begining at least, some started adding other roids and upping the dose, that's when the ginny got out of the bottle. The advance was notable, but, not proportional, not even close. It is amazing at what those guys did, acheiving so much with so little. They stick to basics and discipline, no cheating, not with food, not with sleep and rest and ceirtanly not with nutrition. What some still don't realize is, that nutrition is way more important than training and steroids can not do miracles without a sensible nutrition plan and discipline. Sure it may sound easy, eating exactly as planned, sometimes more or less the same foods for a month, but try 6 months, try a year or 4 years. That's quite another story. And another thing, those guys had genetics, back in the day, no one even went for steroids if they didn't have an athletic muscular physique to begin with and all had foundation. Two, threee, four or even more years of natural training and by the time they started using steroids they all hit their natural plateau. Their muscles were matured and they knew the drill, proper exercises and their execution, proper diet and good rest and recouperation pattern. It is true that the bodybuilders of today are bigger and more defined, but... The information in this article is for informational and entertainment purpose only.



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