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Some athletes reach for anabolic steroids in their quest for top performance. There are many available testosterone being the most known many also buy dianabol pills the most famous oral steroid for sale worldwide. Among all of them there are a few unique different products. Some even try veterinary steroids, since mammals have similar metabolism as humans it should and it does work quite well. Finaplix pellets are perhaps the most known, finaplix is made out of cattle implants. It is given to cattle to improve their muscle gain and make them more meaty instead of fatty. It increases the rate at which cattle gains muscle mass to make it reach the ripe weight for use in food industry faster. Equipoise is aimed more at debilitated horses. Helping malnutritioned horses recover, gain weight and get a better looking hide. Boldenone undecilenate as it is called was also used extensively in horse racing with great success. The results were so good that athletes noticed and started experimenting with the drug. The results were nothing short of spectacular, those who bought equipoise usually compared it to the legendary deca durabolin often adding that it is better as the one that takes it dosen't hold that much water. Equipoise has proven to improve the stamina and speed of race horses it also improves recouperation after hard and exhausting training sessions. It is often used in steroid cycles combined with other anabolic steroids, it stacks extremly well with testosterone, many also add dianabol or similar strong oral. It was and is also used in dog racing as well as illegal dog fights, making the dogs stronger, faster and more agressive. The dosage for both horses and dogs is usually determined acording to the weight of the animal and later adjusted to reach the best effect to side effect combination. An important aspect of steroid cycle for horses and dogs is the diet. Ample food is necessary for top result as equipoise does not work well on low calorie intake. Training is also important and of course rest that alows the muscle to recouperate and grow, get stronger and more powerful. Please note that the article is for informational and entertainment purpose only. Equipoise is a favorite veterinary injectable steroid of many athletes. The effects are strongly anabolic, and only moderately androgenic and many compare it to Deca Durabolin. By itself, Equipoise will provide a steady and consistent gain in mass and strength with less water gain than deca durabolin. However, best results are achieved when Equipoise is used in anabolic stacks. While most anabolic steroids are made for human use there are also those for animal use. Weather it is used on cattle to help them gain muscle and lower fat content to make them more appropriate for 21 century consumers that only want lean beef without the fat, finaplix is the product most used for this purpose, it is available for sale in pellets that are implanted under the skin of the animal where it slowly dissolves giving a long term anabolic effect. Some bodybuilders convert this pellets into injectable steroid and use them themselves, the end product is very effective, but the conversion has to be done in a sterile environment which is hard to obtain in the privacy of one's own home. It is better to stick to well known manufacturers like Organon, Desma or Upjohn and products that are made for human use. Equipoise however is one veterinary steroid made by many pharmaceutical companys in Europe and Asia and you can buy it in Europe too. In Australia it is produced and sold under Boldenone brand the name coming from the chemical name of the compound boldenone undecylenate. It is used on race horses to alter and better their performance, booth speed and stamina. It is also used by veterinarians to treat debilitated horses gaining lean muscle and a shinier more healthy fur. Malnutritioned or exhausted horses react positively to this roid and bounce back quickly. When used by humans it is often compared to deca durabolin adding that it is slightly more androgenic than nandrolone. It has a bit more kick to it, many combine it with testosterone or dianabol for a bulking cycle. It has obtained quite a cult following partly because it is a veterinary steroid and considered hard core by some. The fact that it is made for animals does not mean that it is produced in non sterile environment, it is produced in a pharmaceutical company that makes booth human and veterinary drugs up to much the same standard. The rules, restrictions and guidelines are much stricter on human medications though. And all taken in account equipoise has a very potent human equivalent in deca durabolin. One has to weigh the pros and cons and decide for himself weather or not this unique product is right for him. This article represents the oppinion of the author and does not in any way represent medical advice, it is for entertainment and information purpose only.

Are you one of those bodybuilders use deca durabolin steroid? Do you often ask where to buy equipoise for sale at steroid pharmacy. If you want to learn more about steroid side effects and read anabolic reviews this is the right place. Steroids cycles long and short, inverted, pyramid, diamond, frontloading, climbing or ascending, descending or even long even steroid cycles such as those used in hormone replacement therapy. Inform yourself about deca durabolin price, what is the right price to pay for quality nandrolone decanoate. equipoise for sale is one of the best boldenone decanoate esters known to man. Though it was developed as a vet steroid for animal use, athletes and bodybuilders soon picked up on boldenons amazing effects and lack of steroid side effects. Booth bodybuilders and horses benfit from awesome effects of equipoise that is often compared to best anabolic steroid deca durabolin.

Cycling boldenone or deca requires discipline and knowledge that you can find in steroid reviews on Booth steroids are widespread in USA and Europe as well as Asia. Thailand is a hotspot for this anabolic steroid and bodybuilders flock there to gain their dream body with adding steroid induced muscle and loose fat in the process. The biggest looser of fat and water usually wins the bodybuilding contest and becomes the best bodybuilder often due to buying deca durabolin steroid. Bodybuilding is a hard sport that requires strict diet and high pain tolerance together with discipline. You have to have a special body and a special mind for bodybuilding, not everyone can do it, it takes genetics, determination and durability. Information on anabolic steroids buying deca durabolin and equipoise for sale is often found on the web steroid profiles like the ones from are very informative. Deca dosage and information, steroid reviews help you avoid side effects and help you gain quality muscle mass. It is up to you weather you will inform yourself enough to ensure proper use as prescribed by the doctor.

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A primarily veterinary steroid that is Equpoise with the active ingredient boldenone undecylenate. Often compared to nandrolone however without the ability to be converted by the enzyme five A reductase. Most athletes use it in dosages higher than 400 mgs weekly where it is proven to be most effective, gains are not expected until end of the second week in lower dosages its effect progressively diminish. It is not used in dosage smaller than 200 mg weekly, depending on volume it is usually administered once or twice per week. There are many atletes that prefer it even over Deca Durabolin and it's folowing is very widespread, especially among performance oriented athletes.



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